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Here are some sweet facts ! 

Publisher & Developer : GameplayStudio VR
Release date Steam : 20 Sept 2016
Platforms : Steam
VR support : HTC Vive / Oculus Rift
Regular price : $9.99

Candy Kingdom is powered by Zotac 


Candy Kingdom is the ultimate candy shooter for VR, suitable for all ages! The main aim of this title is to become the new king of Candy Kingdom. To become the new king, you must succeed in completing all 18 levels while evading candies from the evil cookies during your travels.


The idea behind Candy Kingdom was started with a previous project called Kids VR playground. We decided to turn this into a full featured gamed. While virtual headsets are becoming more and more available, there isn't any game out there that is suitable for all ages. The vivid and colorful environment will not only make adults happy, kids are having a blast! Its easy to master and becomes more challenging in the higher levels. We try to be different and want to stand out of the crowd with Candy Kingdom. 


Bright & vivid colors ( lights & sky changes when advancing through difficult levels)
Candy shooting fun for the everyone and all ages 2-99
18 levels and 18 bonus levels to unlock auto-shooting
Dual wield candy blasters
easy levels 1-6 , non threatening cookies
medium levels 7-12 , a few threatening cookies
Hard challenging levels with threatening cookies 12-18
Online leader-board , challenge other new Candy Kings !
Unlock achievements while playing
VR optimized, using the latest technologies ( MSAAx8 by default, automatic render target multiplier from 0.5 to 2.0)



Official Candy Kingdom VR Trailer

Candy Kingdom gameplay trailer